Dr. Godfrey is proud to offer top-quality chiropractic care for patients in the North County communities and surrounding areas. Below you can find a list of the various modalities that are used:

Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Dr. Godfrey is experienced in treating babies & children when adjustment is needed. Chiropractic care for children and babies requires a gentle touch and a great amount of experience, and you can trust that your child is in good hands with Dr. Godfrey.

Senior Chiropractic Care

Performing a chiropractic adjustment on a senior is another time that requires experience and a gentle hand. Dr. Godfrey has many senior clients and is sure to provide beneficial care without causing further discomfort or injury.

Manual Adjustments

Manual adjustments are what most people think of when they think of a chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Godfrey only uses this technique if you are comfortable with it, and when it will be beneficial for the type of injury or imbalance.

Activator Technique

For those patients who are not comfortable with a manual adjustment, or when indicated by the injury, Dr. Godfrey may use the Activator to accomplish the necessary adjustment in a gentle yet effective manner. An activator is a small, spring-loaded device that delivers fast and precise adjustments to restore the bones to their proper location.

Ultrasound Therapy

Before or after an adjustment, Dr. Godfrey may use ultrasound to assist in the healing process. Ultrasound is applied to the injured area, micro-massaging the soft tissues and joints with sound waves that penetrate deep into the tissue. Ultrasound therapy can help reduce back pain, stiffness, and spasms, as well as increase blood flow to the area to accelerate healing.

Hot & Cold Therapy

Depending on the cause of pain, Dr. Godfrey may use heat or ice packs as a part of treatment. Ice packs can help to numb the area and reduce pain during healing, while heat packs may be used to relax the area and restore blood flow to promote faster healing.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

EMS may be used during treatment on a patient who has a lot of pain or spasm in the area of injury. Fast contraction of the muscles is achieved through application of a low level of electrical impulses. This mild electrical current stimulates the muscles in a way that reduces pain and improves healing. Often, Dr. Godfrey uses EMS hand in hand with hot or cold treatment.

Additional Modalities

In addition to the ones already discussed, Dr. Godfrey may also use or recommend:

  • Massage therapy
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Lifestyle changes